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Tupelo Mississippi Division

Wheel Repair


Though we are located in Memphis, Tennessee, we welcome customers worldwide. We encourage all nonlocal customers to use our shipping accessible repair. Contact us if the wheel is larger than 20".

Follow These 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Go to a local tire shop and have the tire unmounted. Any local tire shop has a tire unmounting machine.

Step 2

Print out the shipping form found here and fill it out with your information and description of the repair you need done to your rim(s).

Step 3

Contact us so that we can email you a Fed Ex shipping label. Simply print out the label on your own printer.

Step 4

Take the wheel, completed shipping form, and shipping label we sent you to your nearest Fed Ex store. They will do the rest.

SHIP US YOUR WHEEL! We will fix it and ship it back to you within 24 hours upon the arrival to our location.