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I'm going to be honest I was a former SUV driver who downsized to a Cooper Mini. Love it. Ha but I haven't even made the first payment on it. However I totally did not love the sound my alloy wheel made when I scrubbed it against the curb. I about had a panic attack when I saw what it had done to it. I then had the panic attack when I priced a new alloy rim. I was really upset. Then I got to looking at fixing it and I was so very happy to talk to wheel tek. I was sad they could not fix it in two hours lol because this meant I was going to have to come clean to the other half but they could fix it. They even gave me two options. One was a touch up which was a bit quicker and cost less and then making it good as new which was building up the part I scrubbed and making her shine again. It cost more but it was well worth it. The powder coating process took about two days. I dropped it off on Tuesday and picked it back up on Thursday but YOU CANNOT TELL...not at matches beautifully and looks wonderful. I was so happy. Troy and his guys are awesome. As much as I hope I don't see them again at least I now know that if I scrub it again...I have friends!


I’m a First time customer and I must say that I’m beyond satisfied with the work completed on my vehicle. I appreciate the level of customer service and professionalism at Wheel Tek and for the staff diagnosing and explaining what work needed to be completed. Special thanks to Troy for his expertise and Brittany for going the extra mile trying to find the OEM rim for my 2014 Nissan Maxima. You guys rock!!

Runsalot 77 11.08.18

WHEEL TEK did an outstanding job on all four wheels on my truck! They were scratched around the entire edge of all four by a removal machine. I took the truck to WHEEL TEK and they said they could make them look as though nothing had ever happened. They were able to get me in and out in one day and the wheels look better than new! Troy, Brittany and all of the staff were very professional and friendly. I will be back for all of my tire and wheel needs. Thanks for the outstanding service!

-Will T 09.14.2018

Very impressed with their knowledge, skill and service! After hitting a pot hole, I had 4 bent chrome wheels - 1 was so bad that it would have to be replaced- per the dealership. Wheel-Tek was able to bend ALL 4 wheels back AND provide 4 new tires for much less than the dealership's quote. My car looks great and drives smoothly!! They are concerned with the safety aspects of operating your vehicle, not just "up-selling" extra services or tests. Highly recommend!

Mary Anne Cardosi 03.30.18

Absolutely fabulous experience! Everyone is the office is fantastic to work with and the finished product couldn’t be better. So happy with wheel Tek!! Thank you for the fast turn around on fixing my wheels after hitting a massive pot hole.

Maria Douglas 02.28.18

Family run and Great customer service. Good looking shop and easy to find. I will always come here with custom needs for my vehicle.

Bernard Barbour 12.20.2016

These guys are beyond awesome! I have taken my wheels to these gentlemen on several occasions. Riding on 24” wheels on these Memphis streets is an adventure. These guys are so nice and so professional it’s crazy! They go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks guys! Your honesty and integrity is so refreshing

Steve Pollion06.28.16

When it comes to quality work and great customer service, Wheel Tek wins hands down!

Quann Proctor - Memphis 03.14.2014

Thank You Wheel Tek for the wonderful job you did on my wheel after hitting a pothole. I think the ride is even smoother now on my celica than before. I wasn't even aware that a wheel could be fixed and was in the market for a new one. Thank You so much for the excellent job you did and saving me some cash.

Faye Futrell 03.23.2013

I just had to tell you guys that we are grateful for attending to our bent wheel problem (we hit a large pothole while driving from Missouri to Tunica). Again Thank You for a great job.

Jerremy 03.21.13

WOW!!! is all i can say about the polishing of my Audi wheels I thought they were chrome. I will tell everyone about the good job you did on my A8.

H.J. 03.05.13

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing job polishing my racing wheels.

Rick – 86' Porsche 911 08.12.12

Troy & Ryan

Thanks for the prompt turnaround and fantastic work to repair and refinish my Rial wheel. It looks great and hopefully will prove to be durable. I need to save a little money for you to refinish the other three wheels.


Thanks to Wheel Tek I was able to get back to Dallas on time for my Monday flight. The dealership told me it would take 3 days for new rims to arrive. Wheel-Tek fixed them in 2.5 hrs!!! On a Saturday afternoon.
Thanks so much Wheel-Tek.

S. Patel 06.04.11

Wheel-Tek rebuilt a huge missing piece on my 28" wheel; no one else would touch it! It came out great and looks great.

Thanks Troy for the awesome job.

Wayne, Como, MS 04.28.11

Just wanted to Thank You guys for saving my wheel and getting me back on the road so fast!

Justin P. 08.10.2010

Wheel-Tek was amazing, they literally saved our vacation. We bent our wheel on the way to Orlando, Fl. They meet us in Holly Springs & did the job while we waited. Thanks again Troy.

Seville Family St. Louis, MO 07.03.2010

Thank You Wheel-Tek!!! You fixed my rim in less than an hour! The other shops in town needed 2-3 days & you did it in my driveway.

Jacob T. 11.29.2010

We were driving from Arizona to Boston, 20 min. into Tennessee we bend and cracked a front wheel. It was Saturday afternoon and Wheel-Tek came out and fixed it in less than 45 minutes!

Thanks Wheel-Tek,

Eric, New Jersey 12.18.2010